Tips for Reading the Bible

One common question I always get when talking to others about God is how to actually begin reading the Bible. People view the Bible as this huge sacred and ancient book full of text that takes a master degree to comprehend and this is the main reason why no one wants to read it. People think the Bible is way out of their league and that it takes some elaborate code to crack it. Well I am here to make the Bible less scary to read with a few tips on reading the Bible! I hope you enjoy and are encouraged to begin your journey with reading God’s Word.

1. BUY YOUR OWN BIBLE. Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble are great places to start

2. Find a version that you understand but is not to far removed from the KJV. I recommend ESV, NKJV, or NLT.

3. Start off small I recommend Jonah, Philippians, Titus, Hebrews, James, 1-2 Peter, 1 John, and Galatians. These books are short and sweet and full of substance. Starting of small will help you get into your rhythm of reading and comprehension.

4. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. Don’t be afraid to look up synonyms and definitions of words that you do and do not know. It helps with clarity and can provide a different perspective when reading.

5. Use blank space at the end of a book to write a brief summary that will always be there for you to refer to!

6. Do not be afraid to markup your bible. Highlight, underline, circle, draw stick figures, write sentences, etc. It’s your bible, break it in by marking it up. You can even get fancy and used different colored pens if you like.

7. Try reading with Music in the background. It can help set the mood for a great read!

8. Read with others! Hearing other people’s interpretations of the word provides great insight! Reading with others also gives you the platform to ask questions. If you are lost make it known and see if they can help you reach a better understanding

9. Make it personal! Apply what you’re reading to real life situations that you’ve experienced and are currently going through. The Bible is full of examples use them!

10. Read the text in its entirety. Context is important, many people read the bible to find key scriptures and don’t even know what the scripture is referring to because they have no context. Know whats going on before and after that scripture you quote on twitter later just to make sure you have the right interpretation and application.

If you would like anymore pointers or someone to read with just refer to my contact page and specify your needs in the message!