The Kid on the Playground

While in the shower talking to God about my life and the lives of those around me he revealed a concept to me. He said to me “You are a kid on the playground and I am the parent.” After I heard those words God poured this story into me and I have an obligation to share. I hope that you will be moved by these words and that you will find comfort in being the kid on the playground

The Background Story

Imagine this, it’s a lovely day outside and a family decides to take their kid to the playground. They sit back and watch their kid run around and around and around the playground. The parents realize that they don’t know the moment or the time but at some point their child is going to fall flat on their face. So they prepare, they pull out the first aid kit and patiently watch as their child runs around and around and around the playground. After moments of watching, it finally happens: BAM the child falls flat on their face. The parents show up with the first aid kit and begin to help their child. Now this is where it gets interesting…The parents brush the dirt off the knee, apply the alcohol, and finishes it off with a band-aid all while the child is kicking and screaming.

The Overall Message

You may be saying to yourself ok Bre this happens all the time what is special about a child falling. My response is to imagine yourself as the child. No matter what the circumstance we are all this child. Taking chances every day whether that is through our words or through our actions. Everyday God is at the edge of his seat knowing that at some point there will have to be a shift. During this shift God is prepared to step in and provide healing, whether that is from sin, worry, sadness, hurt, or hardship. The difficult part is bearing with him and being patient in the process. Many of you reading this post are in one of the four stages I have defined bellow. Many of you have experienced a shift and are currently wondering how to function within this new stage. Many of you are angry wondering how help can be so close yet pain is still prominent.

The Process

Stage One: Brush it off

The parents run to the child and the first instinct is to brush off the dirt. All the child can do is yell OW!! This is the first and most confusing stage. In this stage you are experiencing high levels of pain, stress, anxiety, and maybe even worry because as you are brushing away the dirt you are now able to see clearly the source of your pain. This is a difficult stage to be in because at this point you are realizing the weight of the situation but I beg you to not dwell on the obstacle but to rejoice that you now have clarity on what the obstacle is. One of my favorite artists H.E.R. says in her song Pigment “But when I started drowning I didn’t know he was the anchor.” This is by no means scripture but I want to provide perspective. You need clarity to know what you are up against and how to prevail over the pain.

Stage Two: Sterilize

Next the parents bring out the alcohol to make sure the “boo boo” is clean. The child yells OW!! In this stage you have identified the source of pain and now it’s time to address it. During this stage you may have to end friendships/relationships, leave organizations, lose jobs, or end old habits. This stage is a time of stripping, you must remove the element that is causing hurt, pain, anxiety, anger, grief, etc. God will move you to cleanse yourself and your surroundings thus making it impossible for whatever is causing you pain to stay around. During this time there is normally a lot of changes, shifts, and loss that occurs. I encourage you to remain obedient during these changes because once you try to keep something, a feeling, a situation, people etc. In your life that aren’t meant to be there, you will relive this stage over and over until you obey God. Letting go of familiarity is hard, but sometimes it is necessary.

Stage Three: Band-aid

Next the parents open the band-aid and place it over the “boo boo.” The child realizes that the worst is behind them but that there is still a long road to healing. At this point you have identified the issue, followed the necessary steps, and now you are adding the final touch, being at peace. During this stage you find your strength and you learn to accept the changes that have happened in your life. You don’t feel the urge to text your ex at 2am, go back to the job you just left, Smoke weed with the people you used to, or blow your money on senseless things. Regardless of what it is you separated from or let go in stage 2, stage 3 means you are content with your decision and making steps to move forward. While in this stage I encourage you to delete numbers, unfollow pages, block websites, freeze credit cards, wtc. You do whatever you have to do to promote a climate of peace within the change.

Stage Four: Patience

The child is told not to pick at the scab because if they do the wound cannot heal. In my opinion this is the worst stage. I personally am very impatient and would prefer immediate relief from any situation that causes me pain. However, patience is a virtue, and if you don’t have it you will learn to find it the hard way. In this stage please don’t shift backwards. We all know picking at a scab will delay the healing processes and so will sleeping with the girl you just cut everything off with. Please do not willingly walk back into the same scenario that scarred you in the first place. I beg you to be patient, even if you feel lonely, hopeless, scarred, or angry. Find your patience, it will lead you to a place where you are 100% healed from the situation and able to help others who are experiencing similar scenarios. One thing about pain or immediate change, we will always learn from it.

The Take Away

From this situation the child receives three revelations

  1. Maybe they shouldn’t be running around the playground that fast (Make wiser choices)
  2. Faith that no matter when, no matter how many times, and no matter where you are that God will show up and make this better
  3. Healing is a process: Even though you may still feel pain, it doesn’t mean you aren’t healing.


The Kid on the Playground






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