This month I am motivating you to STOP judging yourself so hard!

Judgement- the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing

Many of us are holding on to things internally that others know nothing about. Many of us are suffering in silence every day because we are tormenting ourselves about past situations. This month I motivate you to repent and move forward. I motivate you to stop judging yourself so hard that you halt the plans that God has for you in your life. You must as for forgiveness, forgive yourself, and then step into your purpose.

This may sound easier said than done but trust me it is worth it! We get enough of other people judging us everyday that we definitely don’t need to add on any additional judgement from ourselves.

Watch the 7 minute motivational video above to get motivated to drop the judgement this month! Make sure to share and leave a comment!

-Bri-Anna Lewis


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