In the Beginning…

A Brief Intro

My focus for today’s blog post is Genesis Chapter 1. Let’s take it alllllllll the way back to the very beginning and look a little deeper to reveal a message that can’t be found on the surface. As I read Genesis I thought to myself “There’s got to be more to this.” I’m not saying that God creating the heavens and the earth wasn’t enough. I just wanted to dig and see what God would reveal to me as I continued to read. SO I began to notice that everything God created began with the word “Let” and the word “Let” was often followed by the word “Expanse”….So I dug deeper, but before we move forward here are some helpful definitions…



  • Not prevent or forbid, Allow.
  • Permit to, give permission to, authorize to, sanction to, give leave to, grant the right to, licence to, empower to, enable to, entitle to


  • An area of something presenting a wide continuous surface
  • The distance to which something expands or can be expanded.

The Message

As I re-read Genesis Chapter 1 using the definitions above I began to realize something bigger. God dropped in my spirit that…

“There is ground you may need to cover that you only can reach when god “Lets” you. When he commands it, the power of his voice will cause an expanse and push you towards your purpose.”

See there is beauty in how God “Let” so many great things occur in the beginning and there is beauty in how God caused there to be instantaneous change. God will do the same in your life when it is the proper time. God will empower your dreams to take flight and you will soar to places you would have never imagined. The same God who created the heavens and the earth, the seas, dry land, light, etc. is the same God who created your path for your purpose. “Let” him lead you and watch how far you go. See there is a constant give a take. Just as God has to “Let” you make a move you also have to “Let” God tell you the move to make. Sorta like that old saying “Let Go and Let God.” You have to give in to God instantaneously just as the earth did when God commanded it to sprout vegetation. There has to be a sense of discipline and trust within your relationship with God in order for him to push you to greater heights. Maybe this is why this is the first page you read. Not only are witnessing creation, but you are taking notes. You are learning to yield to God at the sound of his voice. You are learning that there is NO limit to what God can do.

Stick with me I know this may seem like a stretch BUT it’s clear to me that there is another lesson lying within this first page.


Bri-Anna Lewis

Take Aways

  1. God is always in control
  2. Once God gives you the permission to move he will follow up by empowering that move
  3. We all have a vision for ourselves, a vision larger than life…It is important to acknowledge that without God that dream isn’t possible
  4. All you need is a word from God and your life can change completely
  5. Yield to God without hesitation
  6. Trust God to make moves without your knowledge

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