Speak Life


Welcome to my blog!

Here in this space I will be posting words of encouragement that have been shared with me through scripture reading, sermons, friends, personal experiences, etc. This is my safe space to share insight that God gives me each day as I strive to become a better follower of Christ and a better human being.

You will see a common theme on my blog which is “Speak Life.” This is important because it acknowledges that words have power. The bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death and over the course of my life this has proven to be true. Today’s world needs to realize that our words and our faith are the foundation to push forward without fear. Speaking Life into your life and the lives of others is vital to happiness, self-esteem, and success. So why not give it a try…Start Speaking Life today!

So come on in, kick your shoes off, and make yourself at home. You belong here on my blog, reading what is intended for you.


Bri-Anna Lewis

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